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SLO Residents Can Now See Crime in Their Neighborhoods on a Map

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif - You can now take a closer look at crime in your neighborhood if you live in San Luis Obispo. Police just launched a web-based crime map.

Recently, the police department implemented a neighborhood officer program where officers are assigned to 13 different neighborhoods. Now there will be a crime map for each one.

The crime maps are designed to show seven areas of reported criminal activity in each neighborhood. The seven categories include: alcohol violations, vandalism, assaults, sexual assaults, burglary, theft, and noise complaints.

If you scroll around the map, you can see a large number of alcohol violations are in the downtown area, and many of the noise complaints are in the neighborhoods near Cal Poly.

"The educational component of it is the biggest part here, I think it is about awareness seeing what's going, if they are aware that these types of issues are occurring, I think it will help people to be more aware and to simply pay more attention to what's happening in their own neighborhood," said Captain Chris Staley. "We are also hoping with the neighborhood officer program people will be more likely to report it."

Police said if people are not comfortable reporting crime to the department directly, they can contact their neighborhood officers.

The maps will be updated at the beginning of each month.

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