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SLO County Strike Team Back Home from Colby Fire

SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY, Calif - The Colby fire continues to burn near Los Angeles but it's no longer out of control. Early Monday afternoon it was at 84 percent containment.

A local strike team is back home after helping fight the fire.

The Colby fire broke out Thursday morning damaging 17 homes and destroying five. "They were staged at homes or had crews behind the homes cutting line," said Dylan Cox, of Five Cities Fire .

Cox was one of the firefighters from San Luis Obispo County who was called out on Friday. "It was chaotic with all the resources they were trying to pull together, and they weren't sure just how much acreage had burned or what the winds were going to do or how the high temperatures were going to affect the fire," said Cox.

High fire danger warnings were in affect in many parts of the state allowing only a limited number of crews to help fight the fire.

Cox says one of the difficulties with the fire was the terrain. "Really steep terrain, it goes from essentially a valley, to a little bit of a foothill, and then mountains," said Cox.

Saturday temperatures dropped allowing crews to get a better hold on the fire. The SLO County strike team was then tasked with any of the cities fire needs. "Whether it was on that fire or if there was another start up somewhere else," said Cox.

All 22 fire fighters from San Luis Obispo County returned home Sunday after being at the fire for 3 day

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