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Sand Fences to Stop Pollution From Oceano Dunes

State Parks Installing 15 Acres During Windy Season

Sand Fences to Stop Pollution From Oceano Dunes

OCEANO, Calif. -

Just in time for windy season, there's a large mediation project at the Oceano dunes recreation area.

State Parks is putting up fences to reduce sand blowing into Oceano and Nipomo neighborhoods.

During the last couple months planning the project, international desert and dune scientists were brought in to help design a solution.

15 acres of these fences in the dune's riding area are expected to slow wind flow in its main path into Oceano and Nipomo.

It's a one million dollar project that State Parks believes will make a big difference.

The fences will be taken down around July when the windy season ends.

Nipomo residents News Channel 3 spoke with have differing opinions; while some are doubtful and think the fences will just blow over, others are looking forward to the results.

State parks say they'll install air and wind monitors around the project to track the progress.

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