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Sand Fence Project At Oceano Dunes Comes To End

State Parks Believes Project May Have Relieved Air Pollution

OCEANO, Calif. - As the windy season comes do an end, so does the experimental sand fence project at the Oceano Dunes riding area.
State Parks put up the fences four months ago to control sand pollution blowing into Oceano, Nipomo and Santa Maria.
While data from the project site is still being collected, State Parks says an air quality monitor in Nipomo shows there were a less amount of days where air quality was worse than what is federally allowed from this year's windy season to last.
They this this is a sign of air quality improvement considering it's been a windier and dryer year than last year.
The 15 acres of fencing aimed to slow down the wind so less sand was airborne.
However, some Nipomo residents we spoke did not notice better air quality.
State Parks says the difference may be small, but the project seems to put them in the right direction.
They will wait until after all data is analyzed to decide whether they'll continue the project next year.

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