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San Miguel Man Arrested for Installing Surveillance in Neighbors' Vents

Neighbors Say Suspect Was Watching Them For Months

San Miguel Man Accused of Installing Surveillance in Vents 2

SAN MIGUEL, Calif. - Northern San Luis Obispo County residents are asked to check their ventilations for hidden cameras after a San Miguel man has been arrested for installing them in his neighbor's homes.

Victims believe Eutimio Anguiano had been recording them for months. 

A neighbor says they caught him last month when they came home early from work and saw him adjusting a camera in the vent above the bed.

That neighbor called the sheriff's office and deputies found he had installed cameras in three master bedrooms in the neighborhood.

The camera is wireless and Anguiano is believed to have downloaded audio and video using a receiver.

A resident says Anguiano also stole underwear.

Anguiano works in construction and the sheriff's office is now asking residents in San Miguel, Paso Robles and Atascadero, who have had recent construction to their home, to check if their vents have been tampered with.

Victims say Anguiano has threatened them since he was caught, saying he will post their videos on pornography websites. 

He is now charged with burglary, eavesdropping and making criminal threats to the residents.

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