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San Luis Obispo's Growing Marathon

San Luis Obispo's Growing Marathon

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - In only its third year the San Luis Obispo (SLO) Marathon and half marathon attracted runners from all over the globe.

Around 4,500 registered for the 2014 marathon.

Sunday was a beautiful day for the SLO marathon and half marathon, with fans at the finish line many runners accomplished milestones.
Krista Clarke, a half-marathon finisher said "It's a goal I set for myself, I just turned 30 and I wanted to run my first half marathon."

One person tried to beat an interesting new world record, Mike Townsend of Santa Monica said, "I attempted the fastest marathon while dribbling a basketball."

Townsend will have to wait to hear back from the Guinness World Records committee to see if he made it in the record books.

"It's been a dream to do something extreme and different," Townsend said.

Heather Hellman, event director for the marathon said there were around 900 volunteers.

Hellman said  "We have runners coming from all over the world we've had runners from Great Brittan, Australia, Norway Sweden, it's really kind of a tourist attraction for runners."

That attraction, Hellman said, is great for the economy. Hellman said, "They fill out our hotels, they eat at our restaurants and they create a really huge economic impact. That helps our infrastructure, and it helps our local economy and we're really happy to do that."

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