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San Luis Obispo Police & Fire Now Share the Same Shoulder Patches

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif - After Wednesday, police officers and firefighters in San Luis Obispo will have a similar look. They'll be wearing the same shoulder patches on their uniforms.

The new shoulder patches for city fire and police utilize the new city emblem of the historic mission as its focal point. SLO police has had its patch since 1957.

The old blue and gold patch is similar to that of many police departments around the state. City fire has had its patch for about 40 years.

"In many cities, police and fire are like sibling rivalries, and I really think that this underscores the recognition that we are a public safety team, and that doesn't exist in this city and that's really something to celebrate," said Police Chief Steve Gesell.

Police said the old patch did not have a direct connection to the city. It also shows the unique relationship between the two departments.

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