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Program to ease local impact of Diablo Canyon closure rejected by Commission

PG&E, county respond to CPUC proposed decision

AVILA BEACH, Calif. - A proposed program that would safeguard local health, safety and economic impacts of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant's closure was rejected Wednesday in a proposed decision by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

The joint proposal referred to as the Community Impact Mitigation Program is backed by PG&E and San Luis Obispo County officials in coordination with other city agencies and organizations. However, the CPUC cited concerns over fairness to the community and ratepayers for its rejection of the joint proposal.

Additionally, the CPUC argued that the mitigation funds are in lieu of tax payments that must be approved by the legislature.

PG&E issued the following statement on Wednesday following the CPUC's proposed decision on the Diablo Canyon Power Plant (DCPP) joint proposal.

The statement reads:

The DCPP joint proposal represents the most appropriate and responsible path forward for our customers, employees, the local community and the environment. The agreement supports our state's clean energy vision and ensures an orderly transition from nuclear power to other greenhouse gas-free resources, while supporting our local plant workers and neighbors. 

While the proposed decision preserves several elements of the joint proposal, it differs in regards to certain key areas, including the employee, community and energy replacement programs. PG&E strongly disagrees with these proposed adjustments. All of these programs support the key focus of the joint proposal, which is having DCPP serve as a reliable and affordable clean energy bridge to 2025 while other greenhouse gas-free replacement resources are developed to replace the output we need to meet customer demand. 

PG&E and the joint parties have responded to stakeholder insights and feedback with several adjustments during the CPUC’s review process, and accordingly, we believe that the joint proposal in its current state deserves approval. We look forward to advocating for this in our comments back to the CPUC and during final arguments at the end of November.

The County of San Luis Obispo issued the following statement regarding CPUC's proposed decision:

This is disappointing, in part because our community overwhelmingly supported this effort to safeguard local public health, safety and economic stability,” said Assistant County Administrative Officer Guy Savage. “As we have said before, our community will suffer if we do nothing to ease the impacts of the plant’s closure. However, we are not giving up and are working with our community partners to develop the best path forward.

PG&E and all other parties involved in the joint proposal will be able to submit two rounds of comments on the proposed CPUC decision before it goes to the commissioners in December for a final vote.

PG&E announced in 2016 that it will shut down the Diablo Canyon Power Plant by 2025.

To look at that what the Diablo Canyon Power Plant joint proposal entails, click here or visit

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