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Power Washing In Pismo Beach Is Allowed Under Certain Guidelines

PISMO BEACH, Calif. - Californians are being asked to cut back on water use by 20 percent and local cities are asking people to conserve.

The Pismo Beach city council created a rebate programs to reward customers who conserve.

Some people in the county said the city isn't following its own guidelines and uses water to power wash city streets but the city says that is allowed under its own guidelines.

Ben Fine, Director of Public Works, said, "We are a tourist destination, we see about 2.5 million visitors a year. In order to protect public safety we wash our sidewalks once a month. It's required to operate the city businesses and restaurants and keep a safe environment."

The city of Pismo Beach came up with a water conservation program that prohibits excessive runoff, people can't use water on their driveways, patios, parking lot or sidewalks.

Laurie Baima was riding her bike through Pismo Beach  when she says she saw this street sweeper power washing the sidewalk.

Baima said, "When you see the city washing the sidewalk it just seems so wasteful.

According to the city water guidelines, street sweepers contracted by Pismo Beach are allowed to use water when necessary to keep streets sanitary.

Fine said the city power washes only once a month and it offsets the use of that water through other conservation programs.

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