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Pismo Beach City Council Stops Prayers Before Meetings

Vote Settles Lawsuit Claiming Prayers Were Unconstitutional

Pismo Beach City Council Stops Prayers Before Meetings

PISMO BEACH, Calif. - There will no longer be prayers at Pismo Beach city council meetings, according to a vote yesterday.

It comes after religious freedom groups filed a lawsuit against the city claiming the city chaplain's opening prayers made some residents uncomfortable.

After paying over $47,000 to the groups' attorneys, city council decided they wanted to pay no more.
One member from Atheists United in San Luis Obispo says nearby cities should be paying close attention if they don't want to face a lawsuit themselves.

Prayers have already stopped in Pismo Beach even before yesterday's vote--their meeting began with the pledge of allegiance instead.

Pismo Beach city officials were not available today.

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