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Paso Robles wineries donating to NorCal fire relief

Wine group in Paso Robles pledges to help Napa area fire victims

PASO ROBLES, Calif. - Wineries in Paso Robles are getting together to help raise funds for those affected by the fires raging in Northern California.

Through the end of October, participating wineries will donate $1 for each bottle of wine sold to disaster relief funds in the California wine country.

The Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance are also working with other organizations to provide goods, services and lodging to victims of the fires in wine country.

"It breaks my heart to see it," Jason Yeager with the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance said.

These fires up north are hitting Jason Yeager pretty hard.

"It just hits you right here, you know," Yeager said. 

It's hitting him hard because he's from that area.

"Yea I was born and raised in Napa.. my family moved there three generations ago," Yeager said.   
Seven years ago, Yeager moved to Paso Robles to continue working in the wine industry. 

"You know the devastation that people are seeing.. they lose everything," Yeager said. 

The fire images have been tough for him to watch. 

"Yea I've been able to get a hold of my family..a couple of friends.. all of their stories match what's happening on the screen.. it's a lot of devastation," Yeager said.   

Places where Yeager has been were torched by these fast moving wildfires. 

"Everything.. everything that I see on the screen there, I've been there, whether it's Napa, Sonoma or somewhere else," Yeager said.  

For a complete list of participating wineries, click here. Those interested in donating to reliief and rebuilding efforts can also visit the GoFundMe page established for San Luis Obispo County resident.

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