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Notorious U.S. 101 Intersection in Arroyo Grande to be Closed Down

Arroyo Grande conducting traffic study at the intersection to determine impact of closure

ARROYO GRANDE, Calif. - If you're driving northbound on U.S. 101 through the Five Cities area over the next ten weeks you will notice a major change.

The northbound off and on ramps at Brisco Road are shutting down for the next ten weeks as the City of Arroyo Grande conducts a traffic study to determine the impact of the closure.

Anyone who drives northbound on Highway 101 through the Five Cities area knows the Brisco Road off and on ramps and its unusual intersection with West Branch Street.

"Its just like a weird set-up how it has a little tiny lane", says Arroyo Grande resident Alie Hinrichs, "I just made a right turn to take a left, I was stuck in the middle of the intersection waiting for the light to turn green and then I took a left, but it feels like you're to going to get smashed into while you are waiting turn."

The notoriously congested and outdated intersection has been overwhelmed by the growth in Arroyo Grande over the past decades.

"There used to be there wasn't anything on this side of the freeway", says Arroyo Grande resident Rick Hosier about the east side of Highway 101, "so K-Mart, Walmart, none of this was here, so they put all this up here but they didn't accommodate for the traffic for people getting to the new homes living back in this area here."

The City of Arroyo Grande wants to study the impact of closing the northbound ramps at Brisco Road to help determine the best course of action going forward, keep it the way it is, redesign the interchange or move it to another location.

"The obvious impact is that the bridge overpass is too narrow to get enough traffic though, that's a bottleneck right there", Rick Hosier says, "that bridge is probably 60, 70 years old, so if they are going to do anything, upgrade the bridge, make it wider, so they can get enough cars through there."

The ramp closure is expected to cost the city tens of thousands of dollars and an unknown amount for local businesses in the area.

"Probably not such a good thing", says Summer Johnston with Massage Envy in the Rancho Parkway shopping center, "we have a lot of clients coming from that southern region and need to leave going back that direction so it could definitely cause some disruption and unnecessary traffic."

The City of Arroyo Grande is seeking public comment about the Brisco Road ramp closures, emails can be sent to

The Brisco Road ramps are expected to re-open on December 7.

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