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Nipomo water providers asking residents to conserve water

Nipomo water shortage

NIPOMO, Calif. - The three Nipomo water providers are asking customers to conserve water. They said despite a wet winter, they still have a severe water shortage. 

This is because while rivers and reservoirs have filled across the state, groundwater supplies remain critically low. Groundwater can take years--or decades--to replenish. 

Nipomo Community Services District, Golden State Water Company and The Woodlands Mutual Water Company, which are the three water providers for Nipomo, said the groundwater supply did not improve to a sufficient amount. 

"This is still a little bit dry but it's still alive, it's still working," Nipomo water customer John Price said. 

John Price is the kind of water customer that the three Nipomo water providers love.

"Just cut off the dead stuff if it gets a little bit dry, you know," Price said. 

He's already conserving water and has been since California's drought conditions.

"And I pruned this back and I try to keep the sprinklers from not overshooting so much out into the street or sidewalks too, try to keep those tuned down," Price said. 

The water providers are asking people to continue to conserve water to protect Nipomo's water supply. 

"The district is under a Stage 4 water shortage condition," Mario Iglesias with the Nipomo Community Services District said. 

Nipomo get its water from two sources- wells - and water they import from Santa Maria, that's pumped into a large tank.

"We're looking for the community to continue to use water wisely, for them to be smart about their water use," Iglesias said. 

They're asking people not to hose off sidewalks, driveways and other hardscapes. They're also asking people not to wash your vehicle with a hose unless it has a shut-off nozzle. 

From 2012 to 2015, California saw some of the driest years in history. Nipomo water providers are warning people that another drought could be around the corner.

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