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NewsChannel 3 Tipline Helps Pismo Man Get New Teeth

Pismo Beach dentist donates time and expertise

NewsChannel 3 Tipline Helps Pismo Man Get New Teeth

PISMO BEACH, Calif. - In this Tipline story, we help a man battered by life. A series of tragic events left him alone, in constant pain and no money to pay a doctor.

Jake Harris gave NewsChannel 3 a quick tour of his small Pismo Beach home. It's packed with clowns and clocks. But recently, time has dragged on because Harris is in constant pain.

"I can't eat any, I can't chew meat which I love and there's no way to eat anything hard," said Harris.

His teeth broke and eventually rotted away, exposing the nerves. He's not sure what caused it, possibly stress after his son died of a prescription drug overdose and his wife died of a heart attack.

"I can't tell you how badly I miss the both of them," said Harris as he described the only pain worse than his teeth.

Harris also had a nervous breakdown. He ended up with no money to live on and certainly no money to pay a dentist.

"With my wife sick and me sick, we went through it in a year." said Harris when talking about his money and why couldn't afford to see another dentist.

At one point he did see a dentist, but he thinks that dentist did more harm than good. However, Harris didn't want to identify him.

Instead, he picked up the phone and called the Newschannel 3 Tipline for help.

We made some phone calls and found a dentist in Pismo Beach willing to help Harris out.

"This is so nice of him, gosh," said Harris as he sat in the waiting room waiting for Dr. Guy Jones.

"We're going to take care of some of your work today. We're gonna get you started on the partials," said Jones as he greeted Harris.

Dr. Jones offered to do all of Harris' dental work for free.

"He seems like a really nice guy. Sometimes you get down on your luck and that's what happens," said Jones.

Dr. Jones carefully looked over all of Harris' teeth and did what he could to ease the pain. Dr. Jones also came up with a game plan to give Harris new teeth.

"Most of his top teeth have broken down, they're not restorable. That's why we are going to do a full denture on or for his top teeth," said Jones.

A few weeks later, we caught up with Harris after he had all of his top teeth pulled in preparation for his new dentures.

"I have absolutely no pain. the guy was wonderful," said Harris.

We want to thank Dr. Jones and his staff for all of their help. We also want to thank Doctor Tyler Wilson for pulling Harris' teeth and Tim Garcia at Dental Labs for helping with the dentures.

Harris is not done yet, he still has to be fitted with the new dentures.

We'll give you an update when all of the work is done.

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