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Morro Bay Harbor patrolman assisting Hurricane Harvey victims

Morro Bay Harbor patrolman assisting Hurricane Harvey victims

MORRO BAY, Calif. - A Morro Bay Harbor Department patrolman is taking time off from his day job to assist the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

A lot of people have been stepping up here on the Central Coast - the most recent person is a harbor patrolman here in Morro Bay.

He's an expert with these Kawasaki rescue jet ski's and he just got to Texas this afternoon.

When 27-year-old Morro Bay Harbor patrolman Dana Stein asked his boss Becka Kelly for a little PTO, it wasn't much of an issue.

"Yea Dana requested some time off to use his skills in Texas," Dana's boss Becka Kelly with the Morro Bay Harbor Patrol said. 

Specifically the Houston area - where millions have been rocked by Hurricane Harvey.

"Dana just felt like he had the opportunity to give back here," Kelly said. 

On Monday, Stein, along with rescue company, K38 Rescue International, started a 1600 mile drive to the Lone Star state - arriving in the Houston area Thursday afternoon.

"They have a utility trailer full of supplies of food, pet food, human food, supplies to give out to people while they're there and another boat, an inflatable, to rescue people while they're there," Kelly said. 

Along with a truck and trailer full of supplies, Dana brought not one, not two but four jet skis to help with rescues there in the Houston area.

"They've performed rescues already today, they're on scene in the town of Orange, Texas," Kelly said. 

That's right, just hours into getting there, they've already saved lives.

"They have rescued some people, he said, in a truck who were stuck in the water," Kelly said. 

They also saved some kids who were stuck in a different truck but they weren't finished there.  

"The fire department there in the town that they're in requested their assistance for a pontoon boat that some people were in that was trapped in rushing waters up against a tree line, they rescued that guy and brought him back to land," Kelly said. 

And guess where they're staying tonight.

"Their team is being put up by a woman who's grandkids who they rescued today," Kelly said. 

There will be challenges.

"Dirty water, panicked people, debris in the water, having their own mechanical issues if that happened," Kelly said. "We wish the people of Texas a quick recovery, we know it'll be a long road though."

Dana is expected to be back from his Texas mission next week.   

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