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Morro Bay Harbor Patrol Officer returns from helping people in Texas

Morro Bay patrolman comes back from Texas

MORRO BAY, Calif. - Many people are making their way back to the Central Coast after spending days in Texas helping people affected by Hurricane Harvey. 

That's the case for Morro Bay Harbor Patrol Officer Dana Stein who was in Orange County, Texas. 

"They are coming to you,” said one person during a rescue effort. 

Video shows a man surrounded by a fast moving current, stuck on his pontoon boat in Texas. 

"Rescue is a go, good we got the guy, that’s what we want,” said another man after the rescue. 

Before he could get swept away by the water the man is rescued and brought to safety by hopping on this rescue water craft.

"You show up, pick someone up and you can sense the relief cover over them,” said Stein. 

For three days this was Stein’s life. He went down to Texas hoping to lend a helping hand to people who had no one else to turn to.

"We had a grandmother come up to us and tell us our grandkids are stuck at this address,” he said. 

As Hurricane Harvey flooded neighborhoods, memories created by so many were washed away.

"They have just lost everything, their house is underwater, their car underwater,” he said. 

Stein is also part of K-38 Rescue International. 

It's a group trained in water rescues, learning to stay calm in the most tense of scenarios.

"The water was absolutely filthy too, there was a few chemical plants that had some problems,” said Stein. 

It's an experience he won’t ever forget, meeting people who lost everything and had no where to go.

"It’s remarkable to see all of the Texans coming together, people from outside of states coming in,” he said. 

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