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Mesa Dunes Mobile Home Park Conversion Halted

SLO Co. Supervisors uphold claim conversion survey was unlawful.

ARROYO GRANDE, Calif. - A proposed mobile home park conversion on the mesa in Arroyo Grande has been stopped in its tracks.

The controversial plan split the quiet Mesa Dunes Park community pitting neighbor against neighbor.

Last year Mesa Dunes owners of the surveyed park residents about converting the park from tenant-leased lots to owner-occupied lots.

99 of the 166 residents who responded to the survey said they thought conversion was a good thing.

"As soon as the results were known the HOA Board didn't like the survey anymore", says park resident Joyce Wycoff who supported conversion, "apparently what they want is to do a resident-led conversion where they basically are in charge of everything and its more of a co-op kind of shared park."

Wycoff said she favored conversion because she felt it was a fair offer from the park owners to those who want to buy their lots.

"The way that the conversion was structured was that it would allow people who wanted to buy the lot their units sat on they could, and anyone else could just continue renting", Wycoff says.

"The ballot survey form was not lawful", says fellow Mesa Dunes park resident Dan Daniel pointing out the original conversion survey reached only 166 of the nearly 300 residents in the park.

Daniel was among park residents who got the Home Owners Association (HOA) Board to convince San Luis Obispo County the original survey was flawed and unfair.

"It was just not cut and dry it was very confusing", Daniel says, "all we asked for from the very beginning was a new survey and that's what this fight has been about."

On Tuesday San Luis Obispo County Supervisors unanimously agreed the original survey was illegal and for now at least the Mesa Dunes Park conversion is on hold.

Its unclear if the park owner plans to launch another tenant survey and continue to pursue conversion.

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