San Luis Obispo County

Measure J Dividing Voters in San Luis Obispo County

If voted in, the measure will collect $25 million annually for transportation projects

SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY, Calif. - When you drive around San Luis Obispo County, some of the roads may be ridden with cracks and potholes making for a bumpy ride.

The County is aware of this and is now asking for voters to approve Measure J - an extra half cent sales tax increase that will help fund and fix the roads.

Opponents of Measure J say the funding for these roads is already there but blame Sacramento for not using the money correctly. "The dollars are not going where they're supposed to and I call that a scam," says Andrea Seastrand, an advocate for No on J.

Supporters also blame state legislators for the current state of the roads. "We wouldn't be here if Sacramento was doing their job - Sacramento has been taking our money away while our roads are crumbling," supporter of Measure J Clint Pearce tells us.

If Measure J passes, the sales tax increase would amount to an extra 12 cents per person every day, raising approximately $25 million for transportation projects across the county. 

"We feel the only way we can solve our infrastructure needs are to raise money ourselves- those dollars are gonna go right back to the county and the county will administer 100% of them.. the state can't get their fingers on this money at all," says Pearce.

Opponents of Measure J say however, they've already paid enough towards transportation in previous taxes. "It's to share with taxpayers that they're paying twice.. it's time to give our money back," Seastrand says.

If passed, the Yes on J supporters say they want to immediately fix Highway 227 and Highway 101 through Shell Beach. The vote takes place November 8th.

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