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Local Woman Shares Frustration with ACA

Monday is deadline to enroll in mandatory healthcare coverage.

SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY, Calif. - "Its just a big fat lie, when they came up with this plan I don't think they really knew that they were doing", says a local woman who agreed to share her experience enrolling in Covered California, the state healthcare insurance exchange under the Affordable Care Act, as long we protected her identity.

"All of my friends that have done it, I've heard the same thing", the woman says from the comfort of her living room.

She says she enrolled in Covered California despite already having more expensive coverage and with pre-existing conditions that include complications from having children, severe migraines and high blood pressure.

"I was paying about a thousand dollars a month last year and I wanted it to be lowered because that's what it was advertised as", the woman says, "I would get a better rate, and I would still get the same coverage, which it didn't turn out to be that way."

She soon realized the change she got with her with Covered California policy.

"My coverage is terrible now", the woman says, "I've gotten denied by two specialists that I need, the neurologist and  the urologist."

"Even though I was paying $650 a month for my insurance, the doctor's office still denied me because it said Covered California on my insurance card and they kept saying we don't take it", the woman claims, "my insurance agent said, but you are on the list saying that you take this, and they still said no we don't take it."

The woman says she has been forced to go back to her more expensive insurance coverage she had before only now it costs $1,150 a month instead of a thousand dollars.

"A lot of the nurses and receptionists in the doctor's office have taken me to the side and said this is the most frustrating thing they have ever dealt with", the woman says, "I think I will have access to the care that I need but I think that I'm going to have to pay for it, and pay for it majorly, because I think the healthcare is going to go up now because of the fact that we will all have to pay for the people who do not have healthcare."

The woman also explained why she wanted to hide her identity for the story.

"I'm a conservative and the conservative people that were targeted by the government, that's the reason", the woman says, "I thought about not doing the silhouette (interview) and I thought about standing up for that, but there's just too many strange things happening nowadays and its obvious, so that's why."

Covered California expects as many as 20,000 people to enroll everyday leading up to Monday's March 31 deadline.

For more information about Covered California and the ACA go to:


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