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Local residents come together to help northern California fire victims

People come together to collect items...

ARROYO GRANDE, Calif. - Communities from Santa Maria to San Luis Obispo are coming together to do what they can to help people affected by the fires in northern California. 

Donations are coming in by the truck load at two family businesses, Fluid Resource Management and Coacina in Arroyo Grande. 

"Now with these fires so close to home people are finally feeling like this is something we can really help with,” said Daneal Nally, Marketing Director. 

Bags are stacked up high in their office full of clothing, water and food.

"I think as human beings when things like that occur do you turn off the news, do you flip through those images on social media, or do you do something about it,” said Nally. 

They’ve teamed up with businesses and people from Santa Maria to San Luis Obispo with different drop off locations where people can leave their donations.

"It’s really amazing to see the outpouring of support from our community for the folks who lost everything that’s really what being American is all about,” said Chuck Ellison, one of the company's owners. 

Their goal is to fill up two moving trucks with donations and think bring them up north. 

"It’s a very sensitive subject with us that’s why people are so willing to donate it’s not just raw acres burning it’s whole neighborhood thats are burning,” said Nally. 

Nally said the one thing they are looking to collect the most is water.

"I hope when the trucks arrive it makes a difference in their lives and that on the Central Coast we are thinking of them”

Donations are being accepted at their location on 2385 Precision Drive in Arroyo Grande until Thursday, October 19. 

Other drop off locations include: Village Pediatrics in Arroyo Grande, Burdine Printing in Arroyo Grande, Murphy Home Loans in Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo's Corporation Yard on Prado Road, Santa Maria Sun in Santa Maria and New Times in San Luis Obispo. 

For any more information or questions contact Daneal Nally at 805-550-6430 or email her at 

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