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Local Attorney Runs in Boston Marathon

David Fleishman witnessed aftermath of terrorist bombings last year.

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - A local attorney was among the tens of thousands of people who ran in this year's Boston Marathon.

David Fleishman was among several local runners who witnessed last year's deadly bombings and felt like he "had" to go back this year.

The gruesome aftermath of last year's terrorist bombings at the finish line for the Boston Marathon remains vivid for San Luis Obispo County Attorney Fleishman.

"The start was very different from years past", Fleishman told Central Coast News over the phone from Boston, "there was a ton of security up there, they really kind of kept us in corrals, ordinarily when I run Boston i will get out in the athlete's village and just go find some place to chill, but you couldn't really do that this year because they marched us down together in groups to the starting line, and you couldn't jump in and out of the corrals like you could in years past."

Fleishman says he hesitated on his decision to return for this year's Marathon until just a few weeks ago.

He says there was a noticiable increase in presence from various law enforcement agencies, including a much larger FBI presence.

"I thought is was important to come back and be a part of, you know, just showing that the Boston Marathon is not going to be stopped by a couple of yahoos with a pressure cooker", Fleishman says, "I just felt like I've gotta stand with the people who run Boston and finish it, so as I was turning onto Hereford Street which is that last turn you make before you come down Boyleston, I felt my throat tightening, so I couldn't breathe because I thought I was going to break down crying right there. I managed to get it together before I burst out in tears."

The 48 year old Fleishman finished with a time of 3:11 for the marathon.

No criminal behavior has so far been reported after more than 36,000 people ran in the 2014 Boston Marathon.

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