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Last day for Fremont Hall students to pack up their stuff

Unstable hillside threatened cal poly residents

Fremont Hall evacuated after landslide

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - "Let's just finish this up," says Michael Hernandez as he gets ready to go into Fremont Hall at Cal Poly. 

He never expected he would have to pack up his dorm in a matter of hours.

"It's really stressful and unexpected especially because its smack in the middle of the year," he says. 

Freshmen at Cal Poly living at Fremont Hall got one last chance on Thursday to take anything important or of value out of their dorms before they closed down for the rest of the academic year.

"It's really depressing they are giving us only 5 hours and it's such a quick notice," says Hernandez. 

For him this is a family affair. Both of his parents came to help him move his stuff. 

"A rug just got pulled out of his feet he told me dad this is the most stressful period I've had here," says Ed Hernandez, his dad. 

Recent heavy rain caused a landslide behind the residence hall. Something school officials say is unstable and has moved aggressively pushing up against the building. 

"Despite the situation they are proving to be incredibly resilient and keeping a positive attitude," says Keith Humphrey, Vice President for Student Affairs. 

They say they've tried everything they can to fix the problem. They tried using a retaining wall and tried diverting water but, the hillside continued to come towards the building. 

The slide became bigger and bigger and they had no choice but to close it down. 

"Fremont is more unique because it's more of a sense of a community," says Hernandez. 

A community students say are sad to see broken up. Their hope is to get relocated close to one another.

"Me and my roommates we have developed a good relationship, now we are all spread out, it is what it is," says Hernandez. 


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