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Judge rules former Grover Beach officer involved in deadly dog attack will be arraigned

Geiger will be arraigned on felony charges

Day 2 of Preliminary hearing of...

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - A former Grover Beach police officer has learned a case against him will move forward. He'll be arraigned next month on felony charges related to the death of a neighbor caused by one of his dogs.

That dog is a former police k-9 animal. Former Grover Beach officer Alex Geiger bought the dog before moving to the Central Coast.

Geiger's lawyers tried to get the charges against him dropped but a judge ruled today he will face felony charges in the death of one of his neighbors.

It was back in December when Geiger's Belgian Malinios named Neo broke out of his backyard. It attacked 64-year-old David Fear and 85-year-old Betty Long.

Fear died from his injuries a few days later. Long was also badly hurt. Geiger lost his job as a Grover Beach officer after the attack. He bought the dog when he was on the Exeter Police force and it was retired from K-9 service.

Today was the second day of the court hearing. 

It was another busy day in the courtroom - three witnesses took the stand - and the most interesting piece of information today, was that Geiger repaired his fence the same morning of that deadly attack.

Eric Anderson, with county animal services says he interviewed Geiger and found he had fixed his fence that morning because Neo, the dog in question, had knocked out enough of the fence to poke his head out.  

Anderson concluded Geiger's dogs were regularly allowed to roam free in the backyard. The animal control officer also spoke with a neighbor who had seen the dogs loose that day - chasing the mailman aggressively.

Now, it's been determined a b-b gun and a wooden object were found near David Fear and Betty Long at the scene of the attack.

Long was asked if she thought the victim had used that gun on the dogs. Her answer was she wasn't certain but didn't think there was enough time for that to happen.

There was no examination done on Neo before being put down and cremated so there's no way to know if the dog was shot.

Another witness today was a police dog trainer who had worked with Neo, who said these animals have dangerous capabilities.

We spoke with Geiger's attorneys last night. They told us Geiger has apologized for what happened and regrets it.

They had hoped to get the charges dropped but Geiger will be back in court in a month at the end of August to be formally arraigned on felony charges.

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