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It's not too late to file a tax extension

Tax experts file extensions, too

VENTURA, Calif. - State and federal income taxes are due Monday, April 15.

If you can't get yours done in time, you could file an extension.

Even tax experts say they file extensions this time of year because they are busy doing their clients' taxes. Self-described tax guru Bart Ketterling of Martin, Ketterling & Associates said all you have to do is go to google and look for Extension Form 4868.  His associate, Jerry Martin, said taxpayers who itemize or own property may need professional advice, but he said "it's not rocket science."

If you choose to file an extension and think you owe money, send in a partial payment. You should base the amount on your last year's taxes. But if you don't owe money and file an extension anyway, you will have to wait to get money back.

The extension gives you six months to get the job done.

If you don't file online, remember to get to the post office before closing time April 15.

Post offices close at different times, so check your local office hours.

In the past, the Postal Service extended it's hours on tax day, but the postmaster has not announced any time changes.

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