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Illegal marijuana grow found west of Paso Robles

Illegal marijuana grow found west of Paso Robles

SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY, Calif. - Thousands of marijuana plants were located and destroyed by San Luis Obipso County's Narcotics Task Force this week in two separate locations.

On Monday, a total of 7,000 plants were located west of Paso Robles near Cypress Mountain Road.  On Tuesday, another 3,000 plants were located off Hi Mountain Road west of Pozo.  All of the plants were destroyed.

Narcotics Task Force team members consider growing operations of this nature dangerous, for people who might happen upon them, and because of the high fire danger in the back country.  Detectives found numerous discarded cigarette butts at both locations.  

Ammunition for rifles, propane tanks and piles of trash were also found at both of the growing locations.

Police estimate the street value of the marijuana plants at $6.5 million.


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