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Heat impacting businesses and sports in Paso Robles schools

PASO ROBLES, Calif. - You won't find students out on the tennis courts at Paso Robles High School on Thursday because of the heat.

Our infrared thermometer found the pavement reaching over one hundred degrees, making a dangerous situation for the students. 

The school is now cancelling or relocating games this week for tennis, golf and football.

"We've also moved our practices to later afternoon, early evening start time so we've taken all precautionary measures to moving our times but also letting our coaches know hydration is very important to our student athletes and having lots of breaks," explains Paso Robles High School Athletic Director, Anthony Morales. 

Morales says games and practices are now being changed around to keep their kids safe while also accommodating other schools that may be traveling to Paso from out of the area.

"We have made some accommodations as far as rescheduling at a later time as far as when it's later in the month, in September or even October but again it depends on where those breaks are if they'll allow that and if not - we simply say, hey, we're sorry about this - we'll have to maybe reschedule next year," he tells us. 

There were some people however teeing off at the Hunter Ranch Golf Course, but not as many as the course is used to in the afternoon.

"We missed all that business - and it's not unusual. We're very spoiled here on the Central Coast - the weather is good most of the time and why play when it's not? So there's absolutely no question the play gets killed when it's this warm," explains Head Golfer Dave Lewis. 

Our thermometer picked up readings of 108 degrees on the fairway - the sand pit at 111. 

That's not stopping some avid golfers like Tom Cruz, who is visiting from Fresno. 

"We have a good time - it doesn't matter what time of year it is - summer, winter, fall - we just enjoy the game," Cruz says. 

The course encourages those who are braving the temperatures to stay hydrated and to stay away from alcohol.

"When it's this hot - all it does is dry you out and take water - there's water every third hole on the course so you don't get very far from water," says Lewis. 

And as for Paso Robles High School parents picking up their students athletes, the Athletic Director asks that they stay hydrated at home as well. 

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