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Grover Beach chooses two medical marijuana businesses to open

Grover Beach allows two medical marijuana businesses to open

GROVER BEACH, Calif. - Medical Marijuana has been a hot topic in Grover Beach for a couple years now. Tonight, the city Council decided what storefront businesses will be allowed to open up in town. 

The city Council decided on two businesses that could open up by January. 

The two finalists to be able to open up medical marijuana storefront businesses in Grover Beach are The Healing Center and The Monarch - after a several month permit application process.

Location of the businesses was a major factor in the council's decision. Several members of the Grover Beach community weighed in on medical marijuana dispensaries opening up in the near future. 

"In 1991 I was injured on the job," Grover Beach resident Jay Frame said. 

Jay Frame is a former police officer. 

"At that point I entered a world of rampant Vicatin use for the pain," Frame said.

Frame now uses medical marijuana - but some people told a different story.  

"Transients will come to Grover Beach, this happened in Colorado," Grover Beach resident Doug Able said. 

Doug Able says marijuana was a gateway drug for his wife's son.

"He was prescribed marijuana and then oxy contin and then he died in a Grover Beach parking lot," Able said. 

Each medical marijuana business applicant had to show a legitimate business plan, go through an FBI background check and pay an $8,100 application fee. 

The two back up businesses, in case one or both of the two finalists decide not to open up business, will be 805 Beach Breaks and Milk Man.

The council is considering letting up to four businesses open in town during the next council meeting.

We're told these two businesses could bring an estimated one to two million dollars in city tax revenue per year.

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