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Grover Beach Burger King employee celebrates 30 years with the restaurant

Posson began job through special needs program

Grover Beach Burger King employee...

GROVER BEACH, Calif. - Alfred Posson doesn't take drive-thru orders or make the food but his role at the Grover Beach Burger King is still very important. 

Posson sweeps the parking lot and cleans the patio. "I like everything about it," he says.

Posson began his career at the fast food chain in a program for people with special needs. He's now reached a new milestone at his job, working at the Burger King in Grover Beach for 30 years.

"He never calls in sick. Other than one foot surgery I don't think he's missed any days," says Franchisee Shirley Humerian.

Over the years Posson's job roles have changed as the restaurant tried to find the best fit for him but his work ethic has stayed the same.

He says he likes to keep Burger King clean like he would his home, telling us: "It makes the parking lot look more better and everything."

Customers have taken notice of Posson's contributions to the facility. "I've noticed that it's always clean, that's one thing that's caught my attention," says customer Benjamin Osejuero.

"I've never done 30 years with anything so the man is a step above most people," customer Frank Derusha says. 

But for Posson, it's just all in day's work. "I've been here for 30 years and that's all I know," he says.

"America should look at this and just learn a little more tolerance for people who are a bit different than the norm and realize that they enrich our lives," Derusha says. 

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