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Animal rights activist detained at Cal Poly after trying to save pig

Fifteen-year old animal rights activist detained at Cal Poly after trying to save pig

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif.- - Minutes before a Cal Poly class on butchery was to occur on Thursday, animal rights activist Zoey Rosenberg placed herself between a pig and its would-be slaughterer. 


The fifteen year-old delivered an impassioned appeal for the life of the pig, whom she named Dana.


The effort was broadcasted via Facebook live. The 48-minute video now has more than 30 thousand views. In it, Rosenberg is seen pleading with officers to spare the farm animal's life. 


She just wants to live, and what if this was your dog!?” she said.  


Rosenberg and her mother came prepared with a trailer full of hay, food and water. They hoped to take Dana to their Happy Hen Animal Sanctuary in San Luis Obispo, where 150 other rescues currently live. 


I'm not gonna leave until you give us this pig and let me give her the life she deserves,” she said in the video.


Rosenberg was eventually detained and removed from Cal Poly's meat processing center. 


I was the one treated as the criminal rather than the animal abusers," she told KCOY 12 in an interview Thursday. 


The Happy Hen Animal Sanctuary founder was given a trespass warning and released without charge.


The activists are now holding a vigil for Dana the pig Saturday April 14 at noon. 

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