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Emotional day at Dystiny Myers murder trial

Judge denies motion for mistrial

Dystiny Myers murder trial Day 3


Emotions ran high in court Wednesday as the mother of a teenage girl heard graphic descriptions of what happened to her daughter. 15-year-old Dystiny Myers was killed in one of the most brutal attacks in recent memory.

Wednesday the doctor who examined Myers' skull fractures testified. "We also have a burn marking that comes, particularly on the left side this is along this area of the skull," said Dr. Allison Galloway.

That is just one of many descriptions from the doctor who examined Dystiny Myers after her death. It was so hard for Dystiny's mother; she left the courtroom in tears.

Prosecutors continue to build their case against Rhonda Wisto and her son Jacob York.  Both are accused of being responsible for brutally beating and strangling Dystiny, then dumping her body and setting it on fire.

One witness described the scene inside the Wisto's home, telling the jury about drug use and drug deals taking place, as well as the time spent there just hours before Dystiny's death.

"I was hanging out there and everyone was cooking dinner and everything seemed kind of normal. But then I started getting the feeling like I wasn't welcomed. So I called my friend to pick me up and we were gone for like half an hour," said the witness.

She went back to the home around 12:30 to get some drugs. "I never went inside so I never saw Dystiny because she was inside. I was talking to Ty while he was tying something to the truck and then we went back to the garage." The prosecutor asked if she saw what he was tying to the back of the truck. She said "It was a black duffel bag."

Later in the day the defense asked the judge for a mistrial because of evidence submitted by the prosecution. The judge denied that motion.

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