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Drug Court Graduates Get a Second Chance

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif.- - Nineteen graduates have gone through drug court  program in San Luis Obispo County this past yea, and  one thing they all have in common is that drugs nearly destroyed their lives .

Danielle Tish, a recent graduate said "I messed up so drastically I thought maybe it would be better if I just let them be," about losing her children.

Some lost touch with their families, others their homes.

"My addiction took me to a point where I kept getting in trouble with the law," Tish said.

Danielle Tish and Shon Katz both struggled with addiction for more than 10 years. They shared their stories with us.

Katz said "I was addicted to meth for almost a decade and constantly in and out of jail until Clark came to visit me."

Clark Guest,   who runs drug court and works one-on-one with addicts, Shon, through the drug court program he'd have a fresh start.

Katz said "It's amazing in how in two years I was able to accomplish so much."

Both Tish and Katz have been sober for around two years.

Katz said "It got to the point that I couldn't imagine living any other way and I couldn't imagine living that way anymore it was a nightmare, a downward spiral."

Addicts can opt to go through the program instead of serving prison or jail time, the clients eligible for the program have to be non-violent, they can't be sex offenders, and their crimes were committed to get drugs.

On Friday May 2nd at 6:00 pm the Adult Drug Court 23rd Graduation Ceremony will take place at the San Luis Obispo County Veteran's Hall.

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