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Domestic workers fight for basic rights

Domestic workers fight for basic rights

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Domestic workers and members of the community are rallying for equal rights.

The California Coalition of Domestic Workers along with local Santa Barbara organizations are holding a press conference Monday at 5pm inside the Franklin Elementary School auditorium.

In-home workers which include caregivers, housecleaners, and nanny's will share their testimonies on tough working conditions. The women are fighting for respect and basic rights.

These rights include having enough hours of sleep, getting overtime, and getting appropriate amounts of breaks.

Some of these workers will be traveling to Sacramento on Tuesday, taking their message to Governor Jerry Brown's office. They are pushing for the Domestic Worker's Bill of Rights, AB241, which would extend labor protections such as overtime pay and meal and rest breaks.

Critics argue that requiring such additional benefits could make in-home care expensive for many families.  

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