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DOJ Forensic Team Used in SLO County Homicide

23-year-old John Danner charged in Klau Mine Road shooting.

DOJ Forensic Team Used in SLO County Homicide

NORTHERN SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY, Calif. - High-tech help was called Saturday in to help collect forensic evidence in a deadly shooting in northern San Luis Obispo County.

It happened early Friday morning in a remote area west of Paso Robles.

Investigators believe they have the one and only suspect in custody.

The California Department of Justice Bureau of Forensic Services was called out to the homicide scene, a home and barn on Klau Mine Road about 20 miles west of Paso Robles.

The DOJ team broke out sophisticated, high-tech equipment used for collecting forensic evidence.

"We use them occasionally, primarily for the use of this camera equipment that they brought in today", says SLO County Sheriff's Dept. Detective-Commander Ron Hastie, "to help document thoroughly a crime scene with laser measuring and associated video and still photos."

The technology provides a kind of "3-D mapping" of the crime scene that helps investigators piece together evidence to find out what happened early Friday morning.

"Its computerized digital data on measurements and that matches it up with photo and video", Cmdr. Hastie says, "so you can create basically a three-dimensional computer sketch of your crime scene or whatever incident your involved in investigating."

The shooting victim is identified as 47-year-old Billy Don Law, believed to be one of three people who lived at the location.

23-year-old John Steven Danner has been arrested and charged with the homicide.

The Sheriff's Department says investigators were led to Danner after a doctor reported another gunshot wound victim had come in for treatment at a local hospital.

Investigators are trying to find out how Danner knew the victim and what the motive for the shooting was.

"There have been weapons removed from the residence", Cmdr. Hastie says, "we're still going to have to do forensic work to confirm that the weapons we have were involved in the crime, we don't believe we have anything outstanding."

U.S. Fish and Wildlife had to be called out Friday to remove dangerous snakes that were found inside the home.

"Two rattlesnakes and a Sidewinder rattlesnake as well as some type of Boa Constrictor", Cmdr. Hastie says.

Suspect John Danner is expected to make his first court appearance early next week and is being held in San Luis Obispo County jail.


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