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Defendants' cell mates take stand in Myers murder trial

Trial resumes on Monday

Cell mates take stand in Myers murder trial


The Dystiny Myers murder trial continued Thursday with testimony from former cell mates and friends of Rhonda Wisto and Jacob York. They are accused of being responsible for the death of 15-year-old Dystiny Myers.

Damon Anderson took the stand Thursday.  He was in the cell next to York at the San Luis Obispo County Jail and he said he would go to Wisto's home and do and sell drugs.

He said while they were neighbors in jail, he asked York about what happened to Myers. York wrote about it in a letter to Anderson.

"(York) said that they were prostituting her out of the residence. She was really high on drugs and at one point she wanted to leave and that's whenever they decided to … he said he beat her with a bat, other ones hit with brass knuckles, they put her inside a big duffel bag and stuck her in the back of Rhonda's pickup truck and drove her out to Santa Margarita," said Anderson.

Tabitha Brown also took the stand. She was Wisto's cell mate. During those six months Wisto talked about some of the things that happened.

She said that Wisto mentioned something about a debt being owed by Myers' mother.

"There was something going on with the debt being owed and the fact that Dystiny knew what was going on as far as the robberies and with the drugs and the paranoia. You know that she may turn over some evidence as to what was going on," said Brown.

The trial will resume on Monday. Newschannel 3 is told the men who have already pleaded guilty to killing Myers will take the stand.

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