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Crews Repair Avila Pier Storm Damage

Meanwhile, Another High Surf Advisory Until Wednesday Afternoon

Crews Repair Avila Pier After Storm Damages

AVILA BEACH, Calif. - Another high surf advisory is in place until Wednesday afternoon, but crews repairing Avila Pier don't believe it'll affect their work.

Port San Luis Harbor Manager Steve McGrath explains the swells alone would not have been so destructive if it didn't coincide with Saturday's high tide.

McGrath says the tide has dropped since then and the waves over the next day are expected to get as large as 14 feet; that is weak compared to the 25-feet swells that broke off water and electric units to the pier and ripped out wooden boards.

McGrath says water and electricity has been restored, a crew replaced boards today, and they're taking this opportunity to make routine repairs too.

The repairs will cost $15,000 paid for by tax payers and profits from harbor recreation.

Avila Pier is expected to reopen this Friday.

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