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County supervisors want to clean up Pirate's Cove... again

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - The County Board of Supervisors has once again asked the department of Parks and Recreation to come up with a plan to regulate the coastal area known as Pirate's Cove. 

You might notice something a little bit different the next time you visit - that is, if you visit - San Luis Obispo County's only clothing optional beach, Pirates Cove. 

It is clean, or at least much cleaner than normal after volunteers from ECOSLO collected nearly one thousand pounds of trash from the area on Coastal Cleanup Day over the weekend. 

But trash is not the only issue facing Pirate's Cove. 

"There's drug use, sexual assaults," said Parks and Recreation direction Nick Franco. "There's been vandalism, graffiti, all kinds of bad things happen down there."

The land is county owned, but they do not spend any money managing it. It is not a park, but simply a piece of open land.

In early September the County Board of Supervisor approached Franco and his department, asking them to once again come up with a plan for regulating the area. They are hoping to address concerns by limiting parking in the evenings, having a stronger law enforcement presence, and having a regular trash service.

"Having staff out there, a presence out there, that's what is going to make those changes happen," Franco said. 

Before any of those changes can happen, the plans will have to pass the Board of Supervisor and the California Coastal Commission. The department has tried to get a plan past the board before, and failed. 

However, Franco is optimistic. 

"Certainly with the beauty of that place and the attraction of that place and the importance of that place, it'll get done."

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