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Community Rallies Around Outgoing Nipomo HS Principal

Huge crowd expected at Lucia Mar School District Board Meeting.

NIPOMO, Calif. - An amazing show of support for the outgoing Principal at Nipomo High School who's stepping down after the school year.

A large crowd is expected to voice their support for the Principal and maybe get her to change her mind at Tuesday night's School Board meeting.

The Lucia Mar School District moved the meeting to the Clark Center performing arts hall in Arroyo Grande to accommodate what's expected to be a big turnout in support of Nipomo High School Principal Michelle Johnson.

Lunchtime Tuesday at Nipomo High School and the buzz on campus is the School Board meeting and showing up to support Principal Michelle Johnson.

Johnson has been Assistant Principal and Principal at Nipomo High School since it opened more than ten years ago.

"I've not had any bad principals", says recent NHS graduate Courtney Crowe, "but Mrs. Johnson is by far the most supportive, she is the most caring."

"She truly is a great leader at that school", says NHS parent Becky Crowe, "the culture there is acceptance, and love and it starts with her."

Becky Crowe and her four daughters are part of a larger outpouring of support from the community for Principal Johnson that includes an internet petition drive.

Many on and off campus believe Johnson's decision to leave is not completely voluntary.

"We know there is more going on with this than her deciding that she wants to go back to teaching again", Becky Crowe says, "we just want to get the Board's attention, we want them to realize what a gem they have with Mrs. Johnson as Nipomo's Principal, and I don't think they get that."

Central Coast News was not able to speak with Principal Johnson about her decision.

A spokesperson for the Lucia Mar School District says because its a personnel matter, there's not much anyone in the Superintendent's office can say about Johnson's decision.

"We all hope and wish that this effort will keep her and what not", Courtney Crowe says, "but if she were to decide after all of this is said and done she does want to step down and go back to teaching P.E., then she knows how we feel."

"I don't think we are doing this to force her back to a job that she may not not want", Becky Crowe says, "but just to let her know that we support her 100 percent and we love her and we're standing up for her."

Organizers of the online petition plan to present the nearly 1,000 signatures collected online in support of Principal Johnson to the Lucia Mar School District Board when it meets Tuesday nigth at 7pm at the Clark Center in Arroyo Grande.


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