San Luis Obispo County

Chimney Fire Destroys Another Community Near Lake Nacimiento

SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY, Calif. - We visited South Shore Village last week. That's where we met Jeff Hermes who had decided to stay in his home and look after other houses in the neighborhood.

Now, all that is left on the ground is what remains of his trailer. It was burned along with several other structures and homes in the neighborhood.

He says he thought the homes were safe when the fire burned past him the first time. However, a change in the wind direction brought the fire back around. Some homes were sparred by the flames ripping up through the hillsides.

Fire crews say because of the unpredictable nature of the fire they aren't taking any changes.

On Tuesday, they are scheduled to burn an area of land. This is one of the many techniques fire crews use.

They put fire on the ground to consume the unburned fuel to make sure that in the future, fires don't threaten this neighborhood again.

For homes that are still standing, fire crews are clearing an area of defensible space around them.

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