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Cambria Water Ration to Begin March 1st

Residents Worried About Hefty Fines

Cambria Water Ration to Begin March 1st

CAMBRIA, Calif. -

Cambria is two days away from a water ration and some residents are nervous about the huge fines they could face if they go over their limit.

Among the concerned are some rental and temporary home owners.

While permanent residences are allowed 50 gallons of water per person per day, rental and temporary residences are allowed a flat 50 gallons a day regardless of the people living in the home

One vacation home owner, Bruce Richardson rents out his Cambria property to monthly vacationers, sometimes six people at once.

He's already trying to conserve water by saving rain and spring water on the property, and writing a letter asking future tenants to help.

But ultimately, he can't control how much water they use and will have to pay for the hefty fines when his tenants exceed the new limit?500% surcharge for the first offense, and  1000% percent for the second offense. 

The city says they have no choice; Cambria only has a few months of water supply left, and they don't know when this ration will end.

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