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Cal Poly student hospitalized after falling from 2nd story

Students say alcohol involved, had brain surgery

Cal Poly student falls from 2nd story

Frightening moments for a group of Cal Poly students early Friday morning, as one of their friends fell from a second story balcony. 

His friends tell us he's in serious condition and in a coma. They tell us his name is Parker Patierno. We're told he had have brain surgery Friday and is expected to have another surgery. 

Friends who we spoke to were pretty shaken up - many of them preffering not to talk on camera. 

"Yea he lives in our building.. he actually has a thing with one of my good girlfriends right now," Cal Poly student Lauren Robertson said. 

Ruby Tincup and Lauren Robertson told us that they had to break the news to that good girlfriend that Patierno fell from a second story student housing building on campus. 

"It's sad because apparently he was drinking with guys in his frat.. and that could be anyone," Cal Poly student Ruby Tincup said.  

Friends showed us a picture of Patierno and his twin brother. 

"Like imagine being the mom getting that call.. that could literally be my brother," Tincup said. 

Students are taking the incident hard. 

"My friend who lives near me is in his pledge class and everyone is just destroyed by it," Robertson said. 

"Parker is just so sweet, I've gone over.. he's super cute.. big blue eyes, super nice, friendly, always holding the door open for you," Tincup said. "It's always the best people who have the worst things happen to them and it's just really sad." 

Students told us everyone is rooting for him to recover. 

"Everyone hopes he's going to be ok, everyone hopes this stops happening, the hazing stuff," Tincup said.

"We've heard that they were getting back from hazing and that's when he fell off," Robertson said. 

"We're just hoping he pulls through because that's all we can ask for at this point," Tincup said. 

Sebastian Froman was just in class with Patierno on Thursday.

"It's really tough because we just did a presentation together so it's really hard to hear," Cal Poly student Sebastian Froman said. 

Froman, like everyone is pulling for a speedy recovery. 

"I just hope his twin brother is doing alright.. his family.. I just really hope they're there supporting him.. and that he wakes up soon and gets alright," Froman said.     

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