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Cal Poly pier opens up to public, draws crowd

More than 1400 take in the sights, sounds

Cal Poly pier open

AVILA BEACH, Calif. - Cal Poly's Coastal Marine Sciences Pier opened itself up to the public Saturday morning for a look in to the important research done all year long at the facility. 

On a windy, but beautiful day in Avila Beach, Cal Poly Coastal Marine Sciences Director Dean Wendt welcomes crowds to the Cal Poly pier. 

"People get the chance to see some of the research that's happening here, meet the students and faculty, and learn a little about the ocean."

The university opens the piers to the public twice a year. 

"We're very focused on things like climate change and fisheries management," says Wendt. 

Originally built for use in the oil industry, the pier was donated to the university in 2001. 

"There is certainly a lot to see here," says Chandler Skinner-Horn, an environmental management major, and just one of more than a dozen Cal Poly students showcasing their research. 

"I really love talking to people that have never really seen fish," says Skinner-Horn. "I love explaining what we do, the projects we're involved in."

Other projects include first year graduate student's Brittany Cunningham, who is conducting research on the effects of sunscreen pollutants in the water. 

"It's awesome to see so many people come out to support Cal Poly, and simply learn about these things," she says. "I think its really awesome to see people who enjoy the ocean as much as we do"




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