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Cal Poly Open House Brings Big Tourism

Cal Poly Open House Brings Big Tourism

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - Cal Poly San Luis Obispo's open house attracted around 10,000 prospective students.

Attendance at open house is higher than years past and local businesses are feeling the impact.

Lynne Biddinger, marketing director at the SLO chamber said, "We see numbers up on average at least 30 percent over a normal weekend."

Bernard Livingston is the sous chef at the Embassy Suites in San Luis Obispo and said most hotels in the area were booked.

Livingston said hundreds checked out Sunday morning after breakfast, where they served around 90 pounds of coffee and at least 60 pounds of eggs; a number they see growing each year.

Biddinger said the restaurants and shops are always busier during Cal Poly open house.

"There is a noticeable feel that there is an increase in people this weekend," Biddinger said.

Biddinger added, "I think all of the downtown businesses welcome this, this time of year. There is a beloved sense of Cal Poly and what they bring to our town. They're really a central part of why San Luis Obispo is the way it is."

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