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Cal Poly Begins New Research Program to Help Strawberry Farmers

Program Designed by CA Strawberry Commission and College

Cal Poly Begins New Program To Help Strawberry Farming

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - It's a tough time for strawberry farmers.

Their crops face several problems, but now a new program at Cal Poly aims to help them.

Strawberry farms are seeing a labor shortage, drought and one of their pesticides have been banned.

The California Strawberry Commission asked Cal Poly for help.

Together, they are building a new research center to find a solutions.

Not only will the center protect the $2 billion industry, the research will offer a hands-on experience for students and may eventually be used to help other farmers.

The program is starting off with just a staff of four or five but the college plans to build a place for research, conferences, a farm and a greenhouse.

The commission paid the school $1 million for the beginning three years of the program.

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