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CA Senate Resolution for Safer Crude Oil Transportation Doesn't Sway Nipomo Residents

CA Senate Resolution for Safer Crude Oil Transportation

NIPOMO, Calif. - California's state senate is calling on the federal government to tighten safety regulations for transporting crude oil by railway.

Meanwhile Nipomo residents are still fighting Phillips 66's rail yard expansion to import oil from other parts of the country.

Phillp's 66 says like many refineries, the crude oil they can access by pipeline is declining and they need oil from where it is plentiful like North Dakota, Montana and Canada.

Since 2009, crude oil transported annually by railway has increased from 45,000 barrels to over 6 million barrels today, according the California Energy Commission.

With that, the number of derailments and explosions has gone up as well.

Now the state wants the federal government to enforce safer standards for tank cars and require safety practices such as more inspections and speed limits.

Regulations or not, Nipomo residents still don't want the proposed rail yard in their back yard.

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