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CA Coastal Commission Discusses Offshore Fracking

About 200 Cases Found Along California Coast

Offshore Fracking Along California's Coast

PISMO BEACH, Calif. - Many California agencies are just finding out some oil companies are treating oil wells off our shores with hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.

The California Coastal Commission is among those who recently heard about fracking at nearly 200 wells near Thums Islands by Long Beach.

They held a meeting Wednesday and Thursday to present research findings on what fracking is and its environmental impacts.

Fracking is basically pumping water and chemicals into the earth, which opens up the rocks to let more oil through the well.

A board member says they didn't know about it because the oil industry may have treated fracking as a simple technological advancement to their wells.

At the meeting, those from the oil industry assured it's a safe and regulated practice.

Most speakers during public comment were concerned about our environment, health and future.

They called for a state-wide ban, but the commission say it's not their job to impose a moratorium because they are just a permitting agency.

However, they plan to hold a workshop to discuss if fracking should be considered in permits.

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