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Bad Air Quality Continues in Nipomo

Some Residents Say Sand Fences Don't Help, Others Remain Hopeful

Bad Air Quality Continues in Nipomo

NIPOMO, Calif. - The last few windy days have put a pollution mitigation project to the test in the Oceano Dunes Recreation Area.

Last month, the California Department of Parks and Recreation put up 30 acres of sand fences and hay bails to reduce the sand blowing into the Oceano and Nipomo neighborhoods.

The project is supposed to slow down the wind and drop the sand.

Nipomo residents say they haven't seen a difference in air quality.

State parks installed monitors in front of and behind the project to track air quality.

The San Luis Obispo Air Pollution Control District says they're just starting to collect data now.

They say the pilot project could be expanded if data shows improvement in air quality and, if it doesn't, will at least offer direction to alternatives.

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