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Applebee's closes in Arroyo Grande

ARROYO GRANDE, Calif. - The Applebee's franchise at 1462 Grand Avenue in Arroyo Grande has shut down, part of a complete closure by the company that owned the franchise.

An Applebee's spokesman told NewsChannel 3 the restaurant was owned by AmRest, which also had locations in Taos, NM and Longmont, CO.

All three AmRest-owned locations closed. Two other Applebee's in Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo will remain open.

Those restaurants are separately owned by Apple American, the largest franchisee in the Applebee's system. 

Apple American bought the Santa Maria and SLO locations from AmRest about a year ago, according to the Applebee's spokesman.

At the time, AmRest retained ownership of the Arroyo Grande site.

Workers at the now-closed Arroyo Grande restaurant were offered interviews for possible positions at the other local locations, the spokesman said.

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