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Amgen Cyclists Returns to Local Cities

Cambria, Pismo Beach, Santa Barbara to Host Bike Race

Amgen Tour Will Stop in 3 Central Coast Cities

CAMBRIA, PISMO BEACH, SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Three local cities will host one of the nation's largest bicycle races in 2014, according to announcements made late Tuesday morning.

The "Amgen" tour is the country's largest cycle race and will have stops in the cities of Cambria, Pismo Beach and Santa Barbara.  The racers will pass through in mid-May of next year.  The 2014 race will be the first time Cambria and Pismo Beach serve as "host cities" for the event.

Racers begin in Sacramento on May 11, will cycle 700 miles and pass through several California towns before the race concludes in Thousand Oaks on May 18.  Racers will end a leg in Cambria on May 14 and ride between Pismo Beach and Santa Barbara on May 15.

"The Amgen Tour of California has had a very positive impact on our community in the past. It is exciting that Santa Barbara will again be part of the Tour," said Kathy Janega-Dykes, president of Visit Santa Barbara.  "The Amgen Tour raises awareness of what a great cycling destination we are," she said.

"We strive to raise the bar each year to present an Amgen Tour of California that not only continues to attract and challenge the world's top cyclists, but also fittingly features and promotes California's unique sights and striking scenery," said Kristin Bachochin, executive director of the Amgen Tour.

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