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42 snakes discovered in an Arroyo Grande storage unit

22 snakes were found dead

Slithering surprise found inside of...

ARROYO GRANDE, Calif. - When San Luis Obispo Animal Services responded to a storage unit in Arroyo Grande they discovered something you don't find every day. There were 42 ball pythons stacked in containers inside of one of the units.

"It's not normal for us to encounter and for the storage facility something unusual for them, they don't allow animals in the units," says Eric Anderson, Animal Services Manager with San Luis Obispo Animal Services. 

The general manager of the All Safe Mini Storage would not go on camera but, confirms it is where the snakes were being kept.

Animal services in San Luis Obispo says they are the ones who gave them a call.

"We were notified by the facility that they noticed something unusual and wound up looking in the unit," says Anderson. 

When they were discovered 22 of the snakes were dead. It's unclear right if it has anything to do with how and where they were being stored.

"This is an open investigation, there isn't a lot we can release at this point," says Anderson. 

He says they are trying to piece together the pieces of the puzzle. They want to know who owns these snakes and how long they were kept at the unit.  

"We are doing an assessment on their health and are trying to provide the best care for them," he says. 

One snake was intrigued by our camera getting up close and personal to the lens. 

Anderson says the pythons are about 18 inches long and docile in nature.

"They are tropical snakes," he says. 

He says the snakes are not native to the area. He adds that right now they are not up for adoption.

"Our objective is that all the animals we take in are able to find some satisfactory positive outcome," he says. 

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