Wheels are in motion for new bicycle plan

Three areas will add new bike lanes by summer 2017

Wheels are in motion for new bicycle...

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Santa Barbara City's 2016 Bicycle Master Plan is in its implementation stage and will add new bike lanes in three areas of the city. 

City council adopted the plan in July of 2016. The plan includes a wide range of bicycle improvements totaling 35 new projects. A few of those projects are set to begin this summer. 

Six blocks of Cota Street, as well as two blocks of Rancheria Street and one block of Haley Street will receive bike lanes. On Cota and Haley Streets, there will be a bike lane on only one side of the street. On Rancheria Street, bike lanes will be on both sides of the street. 

"We're really excited to see that one go in. It connects directly through Santa Barbara Junior High School and it'll really serve students that are biking to school there along with people working downtown," said Eve Sanford, advocacy coordinator for the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition

Some parking spaces in each residential receiving bike lanes will be converted. 45 spots will be converted on Cota Street between Nopal and Santa Barbara Streets. 6 spaces on Haley Street between De La Vina and Chapala Streets will be replaced. 25 spots on Rancheria between Coronel Place and Monotecito Street will be converted. 

According to research done by the city, the Bicycle Master Plan will improve public safety and reduce bicycle-involved collisions. 

A special meeting will be held by the Transportation and Circulation Committee (TCC) at the Santa Barbara Public Works Department on 630 Garden Street at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday to discuss the plan as well as improvements to the U.S. 101 and Castillo Interchange. 

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